USA Prepaid Sim Card $3/Month [+1 Number]


  • Real USA SIM Card
  • Top Carrier & Coverage
  • Use Your Phone
  • 3-in-1 SIM Card
  • Pre-Paid / No Contract
  • Port Your Number
  • SMS Verification (USA & abroad)
  • Low Monthly Fees (USA & abroad)
  • Works in 80+ countries

Is my phone compatible with this SIM Card?

You can check on the T-Mobile website if your phone is compatible with the T-Mobile network.
Check Compatibility:
Generally, this SIM Card works with all iPhones and all GSM unlocked Phones.

What SIM Card size will I receive?

This SIM Card comes in 3 sizes: Nano, Micro, or Regular (Triple Punch).
It can be used in any device that requires any of these three different sizes.
Just punch out the appropriate size from the perforations on the sim card.

Is my phone compatible with Wi-Fi Calling?

With Wi-Fi Calling, you can Talk & Text for free, from anywhere to anywhere in the world.
Learn more, and check if your phone is compatible: How to Setup Wi-Fi Calling

Is the SIM Card new? What number do I get?

It’s a brand new SIM Card from USA in its original package.
You get a “+1 USA Number”.

How do I activate the SIM Card?

You can activate the SIM Card online, either from USA or from abroad.
It’s a simple online registration, instructions are on the package.

Who is the Carrier? What’s the Coverage?

It’s a major carrier that uses the T-Mobile network.
It works anywhere T-Mobile has coverage and receives the same signal strength.
Basically it’s like having a T-Mobile SIM Card.

In which countries does it work?

It works in 215+ countries (check international coverage).

Is this a Pre-Paid / No Contract SIM Card?

Yes, it’s possibly the cheapest Pre-Paid / Pay As You Go plan that is available in USA.
It’s $3/month only to maintain.

What are the rates in USA and abroad?

USA: At $3/Month you receive 100 minutes of talk, 100 texts and 100MB 5G/4G Data (within the USA).
Additional minutes are 3 cents each, texts are 1 cent each and data is 3 cents per MB – Data can be used for Mobile Hotspot.

Abroad: When used abroad, the minutes/texts/data allowance doesn’t apply. However, you can put your phone on “Flight Mode / Airplane Mode” (to avoid roaming fees) and use Wi-Fi calling. With Wi-Fi Calling, you can Talk & Text for FREE, from anywhere to anywhere. Just keep the SIM Card active by paying the $3/month and use the Free Talk & Text.

Can I use it when travelling to USA on vacation or if I live abroad?

Yes, in both scenarios. You can use it if you live abroad (check rates and method above for abroad use), and if you travel to USA (when in USA you get the free minutes/texts/data included in the plan), which can be enough for a vacation.

Can I port my own number?

Sure, if you already own a +1 USA number, you can request to port your phone number over, wen you activate the SIM Card online.

Can I use it for SMS Verification?

Sure, you can. Unlike other virtual USA numbers and such, this is a real USA sim card that works with any verification system (OTG). It works when receiving the SMS for verification from Paypal, and any banks & institutions (incl. Bank of America, Chase Bank, etc.). You will receive the SMS when you are in USA and also if you are abroad.

How much does Shipping cost?

Shipping within USA is $15, while International Shipping is $49.
The fee includes procuring the SIM Card, packaging, shipping cost by courier and tracking number to any location, filing paperwork for customs when needed. With International Shipping, the customer has to pay custom fees when receiving the SIM Card, those are inexpensive as they will be based on the $13 value of the item.

How long does International Shipping take?

International Shipping take a bit longer, due to the Customs involved.
Please expect to receive your package from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on your location.
You can follow the progress with the tracking code, that is provided to you within 7 days from the order (as soon as we have it from the courier).

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