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What is Wi-Fi Calling?
Is your smartphone compatible for “Wi-Fi Calling”?
How to Activate & Setup “Wi-Fi Calling”
How to Use “Wi-Fi Calling” Abroad
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What is “Wi-Fi Calling”?

Wi-Fi Calling is a option on your smartphone that allows you to make and receive phone calls & SMS texts over a Wi-Fi network instead of a cellular network. This means that as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection, you can make and receive calls & text from your smartphone without using your cellular plan’s minutes, texts or data.

It’s basically FREE Calls & Texts, internationally.
No matter in which country you are, and which country you want to communicate with.

Wi-Fi Calling is particularly useful when you are in an area with poor or no cellular coverage, or when you are outside the USA and don’t want to pay expensive roaming fees.

Your smartphone needs to be connected to a Wi-Fi network.
If not, it will use your Data.

Is your smartphone compatible for “Wi-Fi Calling”?

There are 3 ways to check if your smartphone is compatible with Wi-fi Calling:

1) Pull down from the top of your smartphone’s screen the “notification shade” or “notification panel” that shows the setting icons.
Swipe to the right to the third tab, the WiFi Calling option may just be there.

Wifi Calling Shade Panel


2) Go to your smartphone’s “Settings” and look for an option related to Wi-Fi Calling. This option may be located under “Wireless & Networks”, “Connections” or “Phone” settings, depending on your device. In the example below, WiFi Calling is under “Connections”.

Connections Tab

3) You can also use the “Search” (lens icon) on the top right of the screen and type “WiFi Calling”.

Did you find it?

If you found “WiFi Calling” in any of the three scenarios above, it means that your smartphone is compatible with Wi-Fi Calling.

Can’t find the “Wi-Fi Calling” option?

If you still couldn’t find it, there are still a couple of things you can try:

1. “Wi-Fi Calling” compatibility most times can be added to your smartphone through a software update.

Check: Settings > Software Updates.

  • Check if your smartphone is running the latest version of the software.
  • Install any available updates for your device.

2. The absence of the “Wi-Fi Calling” option on your smartphone could be due to your SIM card or current phone carrier not supporting the feature. However, this doesn’t necessarily indicate that your device is incompatible with it. To confirm if your smartphone model supports Wi-Fi Calling, it’s advisable to conduct a quick Google search. For instance, you can try searching “Does Samsung M31 support Wi-Fi Calling?”

How to Activate & Setup “Wi-Fi Calling”

Is you smartphone compatible? That’s Great!
Now you need to activate it, both on your smartphone and on the carrier app.

On your smartphone:
When you hold down on the Wi-Fi Calling icon that is displayed in the “notification shade” or after you reach it in the Settings, you will see this screen.

Wi-Fi Calling - screen 1

  •  Make sure “Wi-Fi Calling” is ON.
  •  You can also select “Calling Preference: Wi-Fi Preferred”.

On the phone carrier app:
Download the carrier app from the Google Play Store.
Launch the app, select “Wi-Fi Calling & Text” option and activate it.
You will then receive a confirmation SMS that it’s been activated.

Carrier App 1

How to Use “Wi-Fi Calling” Abroad

You will most want to use Wi-Fi Calling abroad if:

  1.  you are from the USA and you travel outside the USA.
  2.  if you live abroad and want to keep a US number.

In both scenarios, it’s best to activate the option “Airplane Mode / Flight Mode”.
While you also keep the Wi-Fi connection active.

This will avoid the roaming fees and will force your smartphone to only use the “Wi-Fi Calling”.
All calls (incoming & outgoing), all SMS texts (incoming & outgoing) will go through the wi-fi network.
This no matter in which country you are, and with which country you communicate.

Flight Mode / Airplane Mode

This is the best sequence when receiving the SIM Card abroad:

  1.  Register the SIM Card online
  2.  Turn on the smartphone with the SIM Card, wait for signal, receive the activation SMS.
  3.  Turn ON “Airplane Mode / Flight Mode”
  4.  Turn ON “Wi-Fi Network” connection
  5.  Turn ON “Wi-Fi Calling” on your smartphone
  6.  Install the Phone Carrier App from Google Play Store
  7.  Turn ON “Wi-Fi Calling” on Phone Carrier App
  8.  Receive the confirmation SMS “Wi-Fi Calling Enabled”
  9.  That’s it, keep “Airplane Mode / Flight Mode” ON and all calls and texts will go over the wi-fi network, with no roaming fees.

When you travel to USA on vacation, you can turn off “Airplane Mode / Flight Mode”, and you will use the free minutes / texts / data from your plan.

If you’re from USA and you travel abroad, assuming you have setup everything before your trip, just turn on “Airplane Mode / Flight Mode” while on the plane, and keep it active during your trip.

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